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In short, there’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to landscaping and civil works. We are Federal Safety Commission (FSC) accredited and ISO certified and we also have certified QA, environmental and stringent WHS systems in place.

We specialise in all aspects of hard ands soft landscape construction including demolition, earthworks, plumbing and electrical services, drainage, concrete works, paving, stone work, irrigation, garden preparation and planting. Our services also include traffic and pedestrian management and environmental control measures.

Once a project is completed, we can even provide ongoing professional maintenance services through our specialist partner, ‘Marsupial Landscape Management’.

As a matter of policy on any given project, Glascott Landscape & Civil works with our client, any authorities, contractors and suppliers, to provide best-practice services that meet our client’s specific needs and comply with all relevant authority, regulatory and statutory requirements.

Our aim is always to develop long-term relationships and to ensure the best outcomes for our clients by delivering projects to specification on time and on budget. We provide evidence throughout the course of each project that all works have been constructed in accordance with the requirements of both clients and authorities and identify and manage any risks associated with our work.

We provide a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace and strive for continued improvement of the professional service we deliver by measuring waste, reducing ‘re-works’ and ensuring client satisfaction. And when a job changes mid-stream (as construction projects so often do), we immediately adapt, responding to new challenges in a manner that precludes a blow-out in timeframe or budget.







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