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Our Values

We couldn’t be prouder of what we call the “Glascott DNA”. These are the values our company culture is built upon. They are values that represent everything about who we are, what we do, and how we go about our business. We strive towards these values each and every day.


Integrity – Our word is our bond. We value relationships built on honesty, mutual respect, openness, trust and loyalty.

Commitment – Our work ethic is the key to commitment. We’re committed to each other, committed to our clients and their visions, and committed to the environment. We work hard to deliver services responsibly and to the highest possible standard.

Team – There’s no “I” in team. As a group of people, we support each other through flexibility, helpfulness and understanding. Our unified approach makes us adaptable and responsive as we work with clients and stakeholders. Our teamwork ensures that projects are managed responsibly, efficiently and safely.

Real – When you come to us, you get to work with a team of genuine people. We’re real people committed to real relationships. We’re easy-going, open and confident about what we do


Our core values are pivotal to the work we do for community groups. Glascott partners with clients and suppliers to provide landscape construction services for non-profit organisations.

We’ve helped build community gardens and playgrounds, residential gardens and environmental parks. It’s incredibly satisfying to help communities and people enjoy the environment. We are proud to continue offering our services and expertise for these very special projects.